August 24th, 2004

holy shit

the most fucked up thing happened today. i was working and my seasonal aquatics director walks in. i say hi. and as im doing so i hear a motorcycle reving its engine. see i work at echo park shallow pool just off the 101 freeway at the echo park exit. come visit anytime you want ill get you in free haha. but ya so i turn around to look at it and all i see is a truck and hear something scraping on the floor. so im thinking the truck is dragging something. obviously you can see what is about to unfold. but ya the biker falls on his side and slides about 200 maybe 300 feet on the 101. the dude got so road rashed. we called 911 and they fucking put us on hold. i was like WTF!!!! that's gay. we obviously as lifeguards could have helped him but we had to keep an eye on the pool and we cant really go out on the 101 playing frogger now can we? so they paramedics finally came about 15 minutes after we call. but hope that guy's kewl.

fucking marines!!!!

edwin is coming back september 5th. im soooo going to rape him when i see him!!!! i missed him so much. i have 2 friends in the marines and both shipped out. chris is still in japan. at least he calls every now and then. i miss them both so much. chris was my best friend for 10 summers. we competed against each other in swimming. competed side by side in water polo and against each other. god damn it. i hope he gets to come back for vacation. and fuck his girlfriend. there's no proof that fucking kid is his. since she's cheated on his ass so many times. that fucking cunt. i want to shoot her so bad. i tell him to take a blood test but he doesnt want to. im sure she's still cheating on him right now as he's in japan. im gonna paintball that bitches house saturday fuck her!!!!